Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nothing Much Today Lovies!

Nothing really went on today becaus ewll nothing happened at all so yea has anything happened to you guys today if so email me at: deisha.couture@gmail.com and i will be happy to email you back okay bye! And sorry for not keeping my promise of having two bloggs yesterday. Also I didnt go to the carninval yesterday Wah! But what ever I go over it okay bye!
Bye Lovies!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Today's Memorial Day

Hey lovies so for right now I am just going to get straight into the blog. Okay so today if I do ny laundry I get to go to a carninval it's from like 12:00 to 9:00 or 10:00 so yea and since I got my hair done yeterday I don't want to go anywhere because my head still hurts but I wanna go to rthe carninval becuause where they used to have carninval thy turned it into a mini golf dump! I was so upset but after a little bit I got over it because I know that the mini golf is not going anywhere anytime soon so yea peace
Bye Lovies!
-There will be another post today but like alot later okay bye.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

About an Hour Until Memorial Day!

Okay hey lovies so in about an hour it will be Memorial Day! So what are you guys doing for tommorw and wht have you been doing for the past few days. Kinda short so I am onna tell you gusy what I did!

Regular school days nothing really happened. Did filiming for a school show called Class of The Dead -C.O.T.D.
When to school told everyone I was getting my hair done. Spent 7th, 8th and 9th period in the t.v and filim room chilling with my friends and Mr.Wolf. Me and Mamasa on of my besties planed on staying after school to  film the poeples spelling bee pratice which Sogona and Crialis other best friends are in but I am not because I cant spell. lol. Came after a fight happened in my class then tried to cool everyone down... what a fail. Stayed after school with Crisanyels and Mamasa to film (did i mention Crialis and Crisaynelis are twins haha blushies.) Came becak to school to film a show hosted by my performing arts teacher what a show. Walked all the way home by my self. (I was so Lonely.)
Planned to get my hair done but didn't someone came overwho was very annoying. Went to the mall whent in Victoria Seceret, Gap,  Hot Topic, Gap for Kids Justice, Old Nvay, Express, and Got Subway. Ummm Tuna with cheese swiss kinda, lettuce sweet and sour peppers oil and vingar wheat bread and a chocolate chip cookie. Also with a huge Icee from Burger King got cherry but wanted coke oh wells! Came home wanted to get my hair done but was to late.
Got my hair done was gone all day. Oww my hair and head hurts. Re painted my nails ate some food went one computer watched tv went back on the computer and here I am now haha. lols.
It is not Monday yet but I know that I have no school. lols. And I might go to a carninval. haha.

Kinda went from short to long okay bye lovies.
P.S. If you read the whole thing comment I will follow you blog form now (May 29, 2011) throught Decemeber 1,2011. I guess that's it bye lovies again!

Hey Lovies!

Okay so I have alot on my mind and I don't know where to begin I am just so excited tostart blogging to you guys ever day. Okay so look below and there you will find the genral information , cheer informatin and others like my links:
[[[General Information]]] My name is Deisha. I am 12 years old but a lot more mature than I seem. I am also 5'8 3/4 pretty tall for a 12 year old right? I live in Jersey. No I  don't have a tan and do not have a accent. But, I do fist pump. Also I am black and not racist. Also I love nail polish, juicy couture, mac cosemetics, hand bags. Also I am very talened i am a actress, dancer, and a cheerleader. so that leads us to our next topic.
[[[Cheer Information]]] Also, I cheer for the Rams we are not a school team or allstar team I forgot what that type of team that is called . . . but we do rec and competitve cheerleading are colors are blue and gold. So cute together. We do North Jeresy ... Pop Warner. Pop Warner is a football and cheer/dance type of activity. One good thig about it is that there are no try-outs also you will be having at least one competiton but if you win all you will have four competitons one is walt disney. It starts in may and ends in the middle of december so yea. Just remembered it's called a Recreational Team.
[[[My Links]]]
http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=2273483 Warning not evrything on polyvore is always happy.

So I guess that is it bye lovies!